Between the range of axis positioners, SIDAC Axes/ PLC module represents the result of complex technological studies to offer modular solutions, all the potentialities with very high performance required for the wold of modern automation are available to the customer.

The wide range of circuit-boards available permits to realize axes-control functions, also with interpolation(CNC), logical function (PLC), digital and analog signal controls, either by executing them by only one module or distributing them on several modules – interfacing them using a simple serial connection. These modules, connected to industrial PCs or terminals manufactured by SIDAC, represent the powerful CNC units that, with their dedicated software, are distributed to manufactures of machine tools and special machinery where high reliability excellent performances and simplicity of use (by guided menus) is required.

Due to the different communication protocols available, it is also possible to interface the SIDAC modules with all the standard hardware systems available on the market (PC, PLC, Terminals), in other to reach highest optimization on any application. The SIDAC modules are provided with very sophisticated firmware and with software library which permit among other things to define the installed hardware ad to set the modalities, the responses  and dynamics of motion on a machine or a transfer line. Although SIDAC modules have been studied for sophisticated applications and for complex machinery of high performance, the low cost and the capacity to group several functions, which are normally carried out by different devices, permit their utilization in low field of applications.


  • Management up to 3 axes (CPU 801960)
  • Management up to 12 axes (CPU 80960)
  • Synchronization/ electric shafts management
  • Electronic handwheels management
  • Configurable PLC
  • Analog inputs and outputs for process control
  • Serial bus addressable up to 6 modules
  • Ethernet system
  • Can open
Axes controlled in closed loop

  • Permanent magnetic C.C.
  • Brushless
  • Proportional hydraulic system
  • A.C. with frequency inverter
  • A.C. ON/OFF
  • Stepping (open loop)
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  • SIDAC libraries for Axes and PLC management
  • Development Tool using C programming language
  • Standard protocols for PC, PLC and Terminals communication
  • Dedicated protocols for communication with SIDAC hardware


  • Linear Axis (various sizes)
  • Rotary Axis(table or divider)
  • Tool changer magazine for M.U.
  • Cutting machines
  • Feeders for presses
  • Cutting systems on the fly
  • Electrical shaft
  • Threading machine
  • Coil winder
  • Strapping machine
  • Counter (8 independent counts)
  • Special software on demand (also developable by the Customer)

Due to their features of high versatility and potentiality, the SIDAC modules are for any applications, i.e. in the field of conventional or special machine tools, in the world of robotics, for assembling jobs, for customized automation and for process-controlling.


  • Grinding machines
  • Milling machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Punching machines
  • Shit-presses
  • Slotting machines
  • Pipe-benders
  • Handling systems up to 12 axes
  • Tables X-Y
  • Cartesian robots 2/3 axes
  • Assembling robots
  • Robot pick and place
  • Cutting lines
  • Production control
  • Quality control



Digital interface for drives “BRUSHLESS SLM Sidac” with Control Techniques

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SLM protocol