CNC / posizionatori monoasse


It is a family of single-axis and twin-axis for numerically-controlled positioning on drive axes actuated by DC servo-motors, brushless motors, AC motors (on/off or inverter-controlled type), stepping motors and proportional hydraulic system.
MINICOMPAX is built by using the  minimum configuration of the CNC multi-axis system manufactured by SIDAC by utilizing the same modular hardware.

posizionatore monoasse stand-alone

MicroCompax MA100

It is a stand-alone single-axis Positioner module, which is responsible for the control of hydraulic actuator with proportional valve, throught 4/20 mA loop. It is presented as a “blind” device, characterized by a plastic container to be fitted directly inside the electrical panel, on a DIN rail.
Equipped with multi-colored indicator LEDs for easy diagnostics and putting into service, it can be  reconfigured on-site, using a USB port and a special software installed on Windows systems.


SYNCRO AX positioner for single-axis system

It can control either DC motors, servo-brushless, stepping motors, AC motor, by means of outputs available: — analog — step and direction — on / off.

SYNCRO AX is a positioner for single-axis systems, actuated by means of DC or brushless servomotors, AC motors ON / OFF or inverter, stepping motors or hydraulic proportional system. High performance and reliability, combined with optoisolated inputs, the high-visibility display and large input keys _ make SYNCRO AX also suitable for being installed in harsh environments. The hardware configuration of SYNCRO AX makes it particularly suitable for applications in which the axis must be synchronized, through a further input to the reading for incremental encoder, with the material feed or with the spindle rotation , such as flying shears, _ electrical shafts etc.