Sidac 6 axes CNC for plasma cutting, oxy fuel and water jet machines.

The CNC W6000 Touch is the ideal numerical control for all sheet-metal cutting applications ( Plasma, Oxy fuel, Waterjet, Laser )

Operator interface:

  • 15” colour LCD with touch screen
  • Serial ATA silicon drive
  • RAM memory
  • 4 USB ports (1 on the frontpannel)
  • 4 serial ports
  • 2 EtheNet 10/100
  • 1 parallel port
  • Standard keyboard (120 keys) + speed potentiometer
  • Optional machine keyboard with:
  • handwheel encoder
  • emergency stop key
  • axes selector
  • function selector
  • 24 programmable function keys

frontale w6000

Axes/PLC module:

  • 64 digital inputs/outputs
  • 4 analog inputs
  • 4 analog outputs
  • EtherNet port for connection with operator interface
  • Supported axes interfaces : analog +/- 10V , digitali EtherCat , SLM
  • CanOpen for added I/O modules
  • Linear interpolation and circular with torch management for inclined cuts.
  • Management of Gantry axes
  • Retrace mode
  • Real time graphic
  • Possibility to automatic restart of the interrupted working
  • Possibility to suspend current work and to restart it in a second time
  • Acquisition and management of sheet-metal misaligment

Automatic control of the working height for plasma torch
The arch voltage-height control allows to maintain steady the distance between the torch and the sheet-metal during the working cut even in case of undulating surfaces, ensuring highest quality of cut and a greater duration of the consumable torch parts.

The management of the torch height control is directly made by the cnc. It allows the cut also on the inclined surfaces thanks to the rapid reactivity.