SYNCRO AX positioner for single-axis system.
It can control either DC motors, servo-brushless, stepping motors, AC motor, by means of outputs available: — analog — step and direction — on / off.

SYNCRO AX is a positioner for single-axis systems, actuated by means of DC or brushless servomotors, AC motors ON / OFF or inverter, stepping motors or hydraulic proportional system. High performance and reliability, combined with optoisolated inputs, the high-visibility display and large input keys _ make SYNCRO AX also suitable for being installed in harsh environments. The hardware configuration of SYNCRO AX makes it particularly suitable for applications in which the axis must be synchronized, through a further input to the reading for incremental encoder, with  the material feed or with the spindle rotation , such as flying shears, _ electrical shafts etc.

SYNCRO AX can be provided with many standard software packages . Furthermore the customer can develop his own software or refer to SIDAC’s software for specific applications.


  • CPU 196 INTEL (16 bit)
  • Alphanumeric LCD display with two 16 – character lines, back lighted, character height 8.5 mm
  • Polycarbonate thermoformed keyboard of high tactile sensitivity
  • RS 232 serial line
  • Analog output for drives – 10… + 10 Vdc 12 bit; auxiliary analog output – 10… + 8 bit (from 1 to 5 milliseconds refreshing time according to the software version)
  • 4 analog input 0…5 Vdc or 0…10 Vdc 8 bit (optional)
  • 2 position readout input through incremental and bidirectional transducers (encoders or optical scales) + zero, Line-driver 5 or 12 Vdc (on request)
  • Control of phase failure or encoder fault
  • Counting frequency of encoder over 500 KHz
  • Positioning field +/-
  • 24 configurable digital I/O, PNP, 24 Vdc, 100 mA (Note: whether each point is an input or an output it is defined by the software)
  • Configuration parameters and dynamic trimming which may be settable through software
  • Buffered RAM memory (10 years)
  • Eprom flash memory for application programs
  • Power supply +/- 15%; 250 mA
Dmensioni modulo assi

Syncro AX   Dimension



  • Basic Software
  • Editor with guided menus and sub-menus
  • Manual motion (Continuous, Jog, Preset)
  • Set up and trimming for all parameters (Work-speed and acceleration, speed and acceleration of machine zero-point search, backlash and offset compensation, etc.)
  • Password differenziate per accesso ai menu di set up
  • Entering of programs (blocks) via keyboard or serial line RS 232
  • High-level programming for integrated PLC, on exyernal PC, via user-guided software, with graphic utilities for setup and testing.


  • Application software
  • Linear axis (different versions)
  • Rotary axis (table or dividing head)
  • Tool-changer magazine for machine tools
  • Shears, cutters
  • Sheet-press loaders
  • Flying knives
  • Electric drive shafts
  • Thread-cutters
  • Winders
  • Strap winders
  • Counters (8 independent counts)
  • Special software on request (developable also by the costumer)