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Panel PC

Any sufficently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
(Arthur C. Clarke)


The series of industrial SIDAC panels is the ideal solution for industrial applications. They are powerful and compact systems, that offer state-of-the-art technologies, with innovative integration systems that are required for today’s application.

10.4 INCH12.1 INCH15 INCH
10.4″ Touch – SIDAC Industrial Panel PC
Dimension: 288x226x76mm
CPU: Intel ATOM D525 1.8Ghz Dual Core
Chipset: Intel ICH8M
Ram: DDR3 667/800MHZ 2GB
Storage: 32GB (other storage capacity optional) – SSD optional
Ports: 6xCOM (3xRS485/RS422/RS232, 3XRS232), 4xUSB 2xLAN, 1xVGA
LCD: 10.4″
Resolution: 800×600 (1024x768optional)
Catalogue Drawings
12.1″ Touch – SIDAC Industrial Panel PC
Dimension: 327x261x76.6mm
CPU: Intel ATOM D525 1.8Ghz Dual Core
Chipset: Intel ICH8M
Ram: DDR3 667/800/1333MHZ 2GB Max 4GB
Storage: 32GB (other storage capacity optional) – SSD optional
Ports: 6xCOM (3xRS485/422/RS232, 3XRS232), 4xUSB 2xLAN, 1xVGA
LCD: 12.1″
Resolution: 1024×768
Catalogue Drawings
15″ Touch – SIDAC Industrial Panel PC
Dimension: 390x313x84mm
CPU: Intel Core I5
Chipset: Intel ICH8M
Ram: DDR3 667/800/1333MHZ 8GB
Storage: 32GB (other storage capacity optional) – SSD optional
Ports: 6xCOM (3xRS485/422/232, 3XRS232), 6xUSB 2xLAN, 1xVGA
LCD: 15.0″
Resolution: 1024×768
Catalogue Drawings


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Industrial touch panels


4.7” 65,536 colors TFT
WQVGA (480 x 272)
4MB Flash ROM
USB Client (v1.1)
1 Serial port (RS-232)
7” 65536 colors TFT
WVGA (800 x 480)
128MB Flash ROM
30MB for system
82MB for user application
16MB Backup memory
USB Host (v1.1)
USB Client (v2.0 high-speed)
Ethernet (Ethernet Type)
Audio (Ethernet Type)
10” 65,536 colors TFT
SVGA (800 x 600)
128MB Flash ROM
30MB for system
82MB for user application
16MB backup memory
USB Host (v1.1)
USB Client (v2.0 high-speed)
Ethernet (Ethernet Type)
Audio (Ethernet Type)


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Industrial Pc with 8,4” touch

  • TFT SVGA color, size 8.4 “, 800×600 resolution, contrast 350: 1; Brightness 400 cd / m2.
  • 5-wire resistive analog touch screen.
  • Epic motherboard equipped with:
  • CELERON M ULV 600MHz processor – 512 KB cache
  • Chipset Intel 852GM / ICH4
  • Expandable memory up to 1 GB of DDR module – Standard 512MB
  • Intel integrated video card in 852
  • N 2 RS232 serial ports
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports on the device support and a front panel.
  • Ethernet network card INTEL 82562ET 10/100 Mbps with RJ45 connector.
  • Hard disk 2.5 “40 GB fitted to anti-vibration mountings.
  • IDE port for hard disk or CD player.
  • Support for Compact Flash – accessible from the outside through the door casing.
  • 24 Vdc power supply 2 A Max.


retro minitouch

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W 6000 touch

Sidac 6 axes CNC for plasma cutting, oxy fuel and water jet machines.

The CNC W6000 Touch is the ideal numerical control for all sheet-metal cutting applications ( Plasma, Oxy fuel, Waterjet, Laser )

Operator interface:

  • 15” colour LCD with touch screen
  • Serial ATA silicon drive
  • RAM memory
  • 4 USB ports (1 on the frontpannel)
  • 4 serial ports
  • 2 EtheNet 10/100
  • 1 parallel port
  • Standard keyboard (120 keys) + speed potentiometer
  • Optional machine keyboard with:
  • handwheel encoder
  • emergency stop key
  • axes selector
  • function selector
  • 24 programmable function keys

frontale w6000

Axes/PLC module:

  • 64 digital inputs/outputs
  • 4 analog inputs
  • 4 analog outputs
  • EtherNet port for connection with operator interface
  • Supported axes interfaces : analog +/- 10V , digitali EtherCat , SLM
  • CanOpen for added I/O modules
  • Linear interpolation and circular with torch management for inclined cuts.
  • Management of Gantry axes
  • Retrace mode
  • Real time graphic
  • Possibility to automatic restart of the interrupted working
  • Possibility to suspend current work and to restart it in a second time
  • Acquisition and management of sheet-metal misaligment

Automatic control of the working height for plasma torch
The arch voltage-height control allows to maintain steady the distance between the torch and the sheet-metal during the working cut even in case of undulating surfaces, ensuring highest quality of cut and a greater duration of the consumable torch parts.

The management of the torch height control is directly made by the cnc. It allows the cut also on the inclined surfaces thanks to the rapid reactivity.



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This handheld is designed to communicate wirelessly with the AXES module / PLC Sidac to satisfy all those generic applications where it is necessary to communicate with the central CPU without any interface cables, in fact, thanks to technology ZIGBEE it is possible to communicate securely up to 30 Meters.


aplicazione remotcontrol(1)
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Stepping motor

The stepper motors are substantially synchronous motors without brushes constructively made to transform, by means of the control electronics, control pulses into precise movements (steps) mechanical, with extreme simplicity of use, for the majority of cases open loop.

Typically, it is referred to 2-phase stepper motors (200 steps per revolution) and 5 stages (500 steps per revolution).
Used in applications where one wants to exploit greater torque at low speed, it doesn’t require the control position with the engine stopped because perfectly blocked by the very nature of the construction of the engine.

A) 2 phases Stepper Motors in the standard version (torques up to 20 Nm) and high performance version (high torque and efficiency, lower noise and vibrations, torques up to 25 Nm).
Control electronics consisting of bipolar chopper drives, DC power and AC, card versions, box and rach.
Power up to 240 VDC, 14 A / phase max.
Operating from 200 to 4,000 steps / rev (microstepping).

B) 5 phases Stepper drives motors, with torques up to 37 Nm (version with reducer)
Powers 24-36 VDC and 200-300 VAC single phase.
Combination with several standard types of gearboxes, also in “harmonic”

C) Stepper systems “closed loop control” with position sensor on the rotor, used to prevent the loss of synchronism in the motor movement.
Torques up to 37 Nm in the version with reducer “harmonic”
24VDC and 200-230 VAC single phase
Operating from 500 to 10,000 steps / rev.


  • Applications where  high torque and low speeds are reqiured
  • Tables X Y
  • Palletizers and “pick&place” systems
  • Packaging, dosing and labeling machines
  • Screen printing machines
  • Robots and actuators in operating machines
  • Handling linear guides belt and / or ball screw
  • Measurement Systems
  • Sewing machines
  • Automatic filling machines
  • Instrumentation and laboratory analysis
  • Orientation / alignment systems
  • Remotes



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DC: Drivers, motors and servomotors

DC motors and servo motors, with permanent magnets, are built to be used in a wide range of industrial applications, which require high dynamic, torque / inertia and fast acceleration. Great smooth rotation even at very low speeds.

Range of nominal and continuous torques with locked rotor from 0.05 up to 30.00 Nm.
Windings for speed range from 1,000 to 4,000 revolutions / minute.

Possible availability for:

  • tachogenerator with different voltage gradients V / 1000 rpm
  • D.C. safety brake
  • mechanical interfaces B3, B5, B14 with fringes PAM56 / B14 63 / B14 71 / B14 63 / B5, 71 / B5
  • double shaft projection
  • predisposition for encoder attack
  • supply via box terminals, connectors MS, simple cable or shielded
  • forced ventilation in single-phase power
  • possibility mounting planetary gears
  • Insulation class F, protection IP44 and IP54

Mosfets and transistors PWM drive running closed with single-axis adjustments for:

  • rated current peak
  • voltage value and speed of tachometer dynamo in armature feedback
  • ramps for acceleration / deceleration

Rated currents from 5 to 28 with food for double value.

Input power from 45 to 145 VAC (200 VDC)

Voltage protection, overtemperature, short-circuit motor terminals, tacho failure, lack of power phase.

Options of ramps + tacho rupture or ramp + armature feedback


Single-phase and three-phase transformers


  • Applicable in in various fields of motion control
  • Operating machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Transfer lines and positioning
  • X Y and rotary tables
  • Axis translations for lathes, milling machines, grinding machines

Drivers for permanent magnet motors: available only in Italian versions:

KERNEL SERIES DRIVEmod. 8/60 ( 8A    nominali  16A  picco / 60Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVEmod. 10/60 ( 10A nominali 20A picco / 60Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVEmod. 15/60 ( 15A nominali 30A picco / 60Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVEmod. 10/120 ( 10A nominali 20A picco / 120Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVE mod. 14/120 ( 14A nominali 28A picco / 120Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVEmod. 8/150 ( 8A nominali 16A picco / 150Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVEmod. 12/150 ( 12A nominali 24A picco / 150Vcc )
JOLLY SERIES DRIVEmod. 8/200 ( 8A nominali 16A picco / 200Vcc )
MASTER SERIES DRIVEmod. 18/150 ( 18A nominali 36A picco / 150Vcc )
MASTER SERIES DRIVEmod. 28/150( 28A nominali 56A picco / 150Vcc )
MASTER SERIES DRIVEmod. 18/200 ( 18A nominali 36A picco / 200Vcc )
MASTER SERIES DRIVEmod. 25/250 ( 25A nominali 50A picco / 200Vcc )

MASTER DRIVE MANUAL (only in Italian)
JOLLY DRIVE MANUAL (only in Italian)



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Low inertia motors for rapid acceleration and placements. Medium inertia motors for low speed. Connectors version (encoder/motor phases) and cables with connectors. Power range from 50 to 3000 W (from 0.16 to 10 Nm) equipped with incremental encoder pulses 2000 (8000 by the driver). Closed loop drives, configurable via RS232. Control mode, speed, torque.

Dynamic Autotuning (prevents calibration process). Oscilloscope function for speed and torque used. Single/three-phase power supply 200-230 VAC. Max current. payable 15, 30, 50, 100 Amp.


AC synchronous servomotors with 540 V DC bus for digital converters supplied by 400 VAC three-phase network.
High and low-inertia models.
Holding torque up to 100 Nm.
speed up to 6000 rpm Standard, short, forced cooling, water cooling.
Feedback with resolver, Sincos encoder, EnDat and incremental encoder.
Brake options, available complete with coaxial planetary gear or bevel gearbox.

Power and signal cables with connectors Synchronous-asynchronous drives in digital direct-phase network power 180 …-528 VAC 50 60 HZ (also possible in single-phase)
DC bus voltage 540
Power range up to 300kW
Single axis, multiple architectures.
Open modular systems with fieldbus access communications such as:
CANsync, Canopen, Profibus DP, Sercos.
Incremental encoder Digital Analog Simulator.
Feedback from resolver 2 poli, SinCos, EnDat, incremental encoder.
Axis modules/PLC incorporated.


  • Applications where  high speed constant torque are required
  • Packaging and printing (sheet feeding)
  • Paper products
  • Machinery for food processing
  • Packanging machines
  • Pumps and fans
  • Textile industry
  • Machine tools
  • Handling and tran sport of semiconductors
  • Cutting machines
  • Industrial robots
  • Flying saw Sistemi taglio al volo
  • Plastics processing

Dmensioni modulo assi



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Syncro AX

SYNCRO AX positioner for single-axis system.
It can control either DC motors, servo-brushless, stepping motors, AC motor, by means of outputs available: — analog — step and direction — on / off.

SYNCRO AX is a positioner for single-axis systems, actuated by means of DC or brushless servomotors, AC motors ON / OFF or inverter, stepping motors or hydraulic proportional system. High performance and reliability, combined with optoisolated inputs, the high-visibility display and large input keys _ make SYNCRO AX also suitable for being installed in harsh environments. The hardware configuration of SYNCRO AX makes it particularly suitable for applications in which the axis must be synchronized, through a further input to the reading for incremental encoder, with  the material feed or with the spindle rotation , such as flying shears, _ electrical shafts etc.

SYNCRO AX can be provided with many standard software packages . Furthermore the customer can develop his own software or refer to SIDAC’s software for specific applications.


  • CPU 196 INTEL (16 bit)
  • Alphanumeric LCD display with two 16 – character lines, back lighted, character height 8.5 mm
  • Polycarbonate thermoformed keyboard of high tactile sensitivity
  • RS 232 serial line
  • Analog output for drives – 10… + 10 Vdc 12 bit; auxiliary analog output – 10… + 8 bit (from 1 to 5 milliseconds refreshing time according to the software version)
  • 4 analog input 0…5 Vdc or 0…10 Vdc 8 bit (optional)
  • 2 position readout input through incremental and bidirectional transducers (encoders or optical scales) + zero, Line-driver 5 or 12 Vdc (on request)
  • Control of phase failure or encoder fault
  • Counting frequency of encoder over 500 KHz
  • Positioning field +/-
  • 24 configurable digital I/O, PNP, 24 Vdc, 100 mA (Note: whether each point is an input or an output it is defined by the software)
  • Configuration parameters and dynamic trimming which may be settable through software
  • Buffered RAM memory (10 years)
  • Eprom flash memory for application programs
  • Power supply +/- 15%; 250 mA
Dmensioni modulo assi

Syncro AX   Dimension



  • Basic Software
  • Editor with guided menus and sub-menus
  • Manual motion (Continuous, Jog, Preset)
  • Set up and trimming for all parameters (Work-speed and acceleration, speed and acceleration of machine zero-point search, backlash and offset compensation, etc.)
  • Password differenziate per accesso ai menu di set up
  • Entering of programs (blocks) via keyboard or serial line RS 232
  • High-level programming for integrated PLC, on exyernal PC, via user-guided software, with graphic utilities for setup and testing.


  • Application software
  • Linear axis (different versions)
  • Rotary axis (table or dividing head)
  • Tool-changer magazine for machine tools
  • Shears, cutters
  • Sheet-press loaders
  • Flying knives
  • Electric drive shafts
  • Thread-cutters
  • Winders
  • Strap winders
  • Counters (8 independent counts)
  • Special software on request (developable also by the costumer)



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AXES/ PLC module: modular system for cards of axis positioners

Between the range of axis positioners, SIDAC Axes/ PLC module represents the result of complex technological studies to offer modular solutions, all the potentialities with very high performance required for the wold of modern automation are available to the customer.

The wide range of circuit-boards available permits to realize axes-control functions, also with interpolation(CNC), logical function (PLC), digital and analog signal controls, either by executing them by only one module or distributing them on several modules – interfacing them using a simple serial connection. These modules, connected to industrial PCs or terminals manufactured by SIDAC, represent the powerful CNC units that, with their dedicated software, are distributed to manufactures of machine tools and special machinery where high reliability excellent performances and simplicity of use (by guided menus) is required.

Due to the different communication protocols available, it is also possible to interface the SIDAC modules with all the standard hardware systems available on the market (PC, PLC, Terminals), in other to reach highest optimization on any application. The SIDAC modules are provided with very sophisticated firmware and with software library which permit among other things to define the installed hardware ad to set the modalities, the responses  and dynamics of motion on a machine or a transfer line. Although SIDAC modules have been studied for sophisticated applications and for complex machinery of high performance, the low cost and the capacity to group several functions, which are normally carried out by different devices, permit their utilization in low field of applications.


  • Management up to 3 axes (CPU 801960)
  • Management up to 12 axes (CPU 80960)
  • Synchronization/ electric shafts management
  • Electronic handwheels management
  • Configurable PLC
  • Analog inputs and outputs for process control
  • Serial bus addressable up to 6 modules
  • Ethernet system
  • Can open
Axes controlled in closed loop

  • Permanent magnetic C.C.
  • Brushless
  • Proportional hydraulic system
  • A.C. with frequency inverter
  • A.C. ON/OFF
  • Stepping (open loop)
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  • SIDAC libraries for Axes and PLC management
  • Development Tool using C programming language
  • Standard protocols for PC, PLC and Terminals communication
  • Dedicated protocols for communication with SIDAC hardware


  • Linear Axis (various sizes)
  • Rotary Axis(table or divider)
  • Tool changer magazine for M.U.
  • Cutting machines
  • Feeders for presses
  • Cutting systems on the fly
  • Electrical shaft
  • Threading machine
  • Coil winder
  • Strapping machine
  • Counter (8 independent counts)
  • Special software on demand (also developable by the Customer)

Due to their features of high versatility and potentiality, the SIDAC modules are for any applications, i.e. in the field of conventional or special machine tools, in the world of robotics, for assembling jobs, for customized automation and for process-controlling.


  • Grinding machines
  • Milling machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Punching machines
  • Shit-presses
  • Slotting machines
  • Pipe-benders
  • Handling systems up to 12 axes
  • Tables X-Y
  • Cartesian robots 2/3 axes
  • Assembling robots
  • Robot pick and place
  • Cutting lines
  • Production control
  • Quality control



Digital interface for drives “BRUSHLESS SLM Sidac” with Control Techniques

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SLM protocol



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