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Drives for D.C. Motors

Single-phase and three-phase drives for MOSFET and from 8A up to 50A power supply IGBT and DC motors, used for applications where extreme uniformity and high dynamic response are required.
azionamento master

Master Driver

The PWM transistor of the Master series is used in applications where an excellent uniformity and high dynamic response is required.

Jolly Driver

The drives of the Jolly series are used for controlling servomotors on the most frequently used power ranges. The drives are of a compact size and can be easily installed and offer high reliability. A final P.Mos or IGBT stage is provided which is controlled by a PWM signal having a switching frequency of 20 kHz.
azionamento kernel

Kernel Driver

The KERNEL series, made on Eurocard board, has been specially designed to contain construction costs, while maintaining the characteristics and reliability unchanged.

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