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Operative Interface

Operative Interface

HMI Human Machine Interface

CNC from 1 to 12 controlled axes with integrated PLC with simple menu-guided programming with dedicated software.

Our CNCs are designed to provide various solutions for different machines, both tools and automation.

Simplicity in programming and high precision, thanks to the latest technologies.


  • Tangential grinding, cylinders, for internal and external, with grinding wheel and multi-level profiling
  • Bending with anti-collision in 3D graphic simulation
  • Calenders
  • Punching – nibbling machines with multitool and index
  • 4 or 5 controlled axis blanking including die-cut rotation, scraps optimization (vision with cameras)
  • Small cutters up to 5 axes (with dedicated software)
  • Roll forming and cutting machines for sheet metal
  • Warper of yarns for looms
  • Glass processing (cutting tables, profile benders for double glazing)
  • Robot for painting with automatic recognition of the size and shape of the piece to be painted
  • Paper converting
  • Automation in general
sicac serie w6000 touch

PC W6000 Touch

The W 6000 TOUCH system is a CNC consisting of an industrial PC equipped with industrial SIDAC hardware.

The advanced technology used for building the W 6000 TOUCH also satisfies in a simple manner the most complex and sophisticated applications.

The main objective is always the reliability, which reaches very high levels and offers the best capability of working in heavy-duty industrial environments.


Compax/Grafico is a family of Positioners having 1 to 3 axes with built-in PLC for numerically controlled positioning on drive axes actuated by DC servomotors, brushless motors, AC motors (on/off or inverter-controlled type), stepping motors and proportional hydraulic systems.

Compax/Grafico is built by using the minimum configuration of the CNC multi-axis systems manufactured by SIDAC by utilizing the same modular hardware.

compax grafico
sidac system

Sidac System

SIDAC SYSTEM is a Modular Positioning System which offers simplicity potentiality versatility and high performances in one solution. The hardware consists of the interface towards the operator (which is designed for being mounted on control panels of machines and manufacturing lines) and of the AXIS/PLC module (to be installed inside of electric switchboards).

Sidac System Touch

SIDAC SYSTEM TOUCH is the new CNC generation, which offers simplicity, potential, versatility, and high performance in one solution.

The SIDAC SYSTEM TOUCH is particularly suited to the new requirements for the AUTOMATIC FACTORY (INDUSTRY 4.0).

The hardware consists of the 10” operator interface (which is designed to be mounted on board the control panels of machines or manufacturing lines), the AXIS/PLC module (to be installed inside electric switchboards) and of the dedicated keyboard.

PC ST Model

Due to its hight versatility and potential features, the ST Operator Interface range is suitable for any applications – conventional/ special machine tools field, robotics world, assembling and customized automation.

PC SPO Model

Due to its hight versatility and potentiality features, the SIDAC INDUSTRIAL TOUCH PANEL range is suitable for any applications – conventional / special machine tools field, robotics world, assembling jobs, customized automation
pc modello s touch

S Touch Model

The ST10 and ST12 Operator Interface is a 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch industrial panels PC designed for industrial applications.

It is equipped with a high-performance multi-point capacitive touch screen, especially suitable for industrial control, automation equipment, CNC machine tools, etc.

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