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Family of positioners having 1 to 3 axes with built-in PLC

Compax / Grafico

Family of positioners having 1 to 3 axes with built-in PLC

Product Description

Compax/Grafico is a family of Positioners having 1 to 3 axes with built-in PLC for numerically controlled positioning on drive axes actuated by DC servomotors, brushless motors, AC motors (on/off or inverter-controlled type), stepping motors and proportional hydraulic systems.

Compax/Grafico is built by using the minimum configuration of the CNC multi-axis systems manufactured by SIDAC by utilizing the same modular hardware.

Therefore, it maintains the same performances and reliability of the higher-levelled products and the feature of suitability for heavy-duty ambientes. The different hardware models, which SIDAC proposes, can be provided with standard software at customer’s choice according to the numerous versions available for the market. The customer can develop his own customized software or refer to SIDAC’s software for specific applications. The field of application is very wide: from the classical machine tool to general automation in every industrial field.

compax grafico

For any motion wherever an axis must be moved with precision and repeatability and where easy and immediate setting of a dimension or a program containing sizes is required, COMPAX/ GRAPH is suitable for this kind of application so to solve the usual problems caused by traditional techniques which today have become obsolete.

Despite its low price, the keyboard size and the graphic display make this Positioner very suitable also for high-class machines. Moreover, the modularity of COMPAX/GRAPH, composed by operator interface and Axes/plc module, makes up an interesting advantage for every kind of installation.


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