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    Microcompax MA 100

    MicroCompax MA100 is a stand-alone single-axis Positioner module, which is responsible for the control of hydraulic actuator with proportional valve, throught 4/20 mA loop. It is presented as a “blind” device, characterized by a plastic container to be fitted directly inside the electrical panel, on a DIN rail. Equipped with multi-colored indicator LEDs for easy diagnostics and putting into service, it can be  reconfigured on-site, using a USB port and a special software installed on Windows systems.
    This mdule has two current loop inputs and two current loop outputs.
    An input and an output are dedicated to driving the valve, and to reading the position feedback.
    An input can be used as a setpoint input, to control the valve remotely.
    An output is configured as a monitor of the valve position, to allow a remote viewing of the correct implementation of the setpoint commands.

    • NXP 56F800 CPU
    • 24V Power Supply, with isolated DC/DC converter for each corrent loop.
    • 2 analog 16 bit “current loop” 4/20 mA outputs
    • 2 analog 16 bit “current loop” 4/20 mA inputs
    • 8 single digital inputs with PNP logic – isolated – IEC61131-2
    • 8 digital outputs with PNPlogic – galvanically isolated – High-side, 0.6A per channel


    • Profile Control in space loop, with speed and acceleration control.
    • Status indication through multicolored LED.
    • Control and configuration Software –> DOWNLOAD HERE

    Dettaglio Microcompax MA 100

    3D Visualization



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    MINICOMPAX is a family of single-axis and twin-axis for numerically-controlled positioning on drive axes actuated by DC servo-motors, brushless motors, AC motors (on/off or inverter-controlled type), stepping motors and proportional hydraulic system. MINICOMPAX is built by using the  minimum configuration of the CNC multi-axis system manufactured by SIDAC by utilizing the same modular hardware.

    Therefore, it maintains the same performances and reliability for heavy-duty ambients. The different hardware models, which SIDAC proposes, can be provided with standard software at customer’s choice according to the numerous versions available for the market. The customer can develop his own customized software or refer to SIDAC’s software for specific applications. The field of application is very wide: from the classical machine tool to general automation in every industrial field. For any motion wherever an axis must be moved with precision and repeatability and where easy and immediate setting of a dimension or a program containing sizes is required, MINICOMPAX is suitable for this kind of application in such a way as to solve the usual problems caused by traditional techniques which today have become obsolete. Furthermore, the low cost and the simplicity of installation make MINICOMPAX an extremely competitive product, mainly when considering the achievable results.


    • CPU 196 INTEL (16 bit)
    • Alphanumeric LCD display with two 16-character lines, back lighted
    • Polycarbonate thermo-formed keyboard of high tactile sensitivity
    • Serial line RS 232
    • Analog outputs for drive 0…+/-10 Vcc 12 bit (refreshing time from 1 to 5 milliseconds according to the software version)
    • Position read-out by incremental transducers (encoders or optical scales) bidirectional + zero, Line-driver 5 or 12 Vdc (on request)
    • Control of phase failure or encoder fault
    • Counting frequency of encoder over 500 KHz
    • Position range +/-
    • Configurable digital I/O, PNP (NPN on request) 24 Vcc, 100 mA
    • (Note: the software defines for each point whether it is input or output)
    • Configuration parameters and dynamic trimming settable by software
    • Battery backed-up RAM memory (10 years)
    • EPROM flash memory for application programs
    • Chassis to DIN 72×144 depth 175 mm. + Connectors
    Dmensioni modulo assi



    • Editor with guided menus and sub menus
    • Manual motion (Continuous, Jog, Preset)
    • Set up and trimming for all operation parameters (work-speed and acceleration, speed and acceleration of machine zero-point search, backlash and offset compensation, etc.)
    • Differentiated Password for access to the set up menus
    • Entering of programs (blocks) via keyboard or serial line RS 232
    • Integrated high-level PLC programming, on external PC, via user-guided software, with graphic utilities for set-up and testing


    • Linear axis (different versions)
    • Rotary axis (table or dividing head)
    • Tool-changer magazine for machine tools
    • Shears, cutters
    • Sheet-press loaders
    • Flying shears
    • Electric drive shafts
    • Thread-cutters
    • Winders
    • Strap winders
    • Counters (8 indipendent counts)
    • Special software on request (developable also by the customer)


    The field of application is very wide: from the classical to the generic machine tool automation in all sectors.
    COMPAX / GRAPHIC find its place in all applications where they are needed accuracy, repeatability, easy and immediate setting of a share or of a quota scheme.





















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    CNC for plasma cuttting oxycutting and water jet

    CNC W6000 touch is the ideal numerical control for all applications for sheet metal cutting ( Plasma, Oxycutting, Waterjet, Laser )

    Operator interface:

    • Colored LCD 15” with touch screen
    • Microprocessor Intel Pentium M 1GHz CPU
    • 4 GByte Serial ATA silicon drive
    • 1 GByte RAM memory
    • 4 USB ports including 1 on the front
    • 4 Serial Ports
    • 2 Ethernet 10/100
    • 1 Parallel port
    • Standard 102-key keyboard + potentiometers speed
    • Machine with optional keyboard:
    • handwheel
    • emergency push buttons
    • switch boards
    • function selector
    • 24 programmable function keys

    Axis module/plc:

    • 64 Digital inputs / outputs
    • 4 analog inputs
    • 4 analog outputs
    • Ethernet port for connection with operator interface
    • interfaces supported axes: +/- 10V analog, digital Ethercat, slm
    • CANopen modules for additional I / O
    • Linear interpolation, circular management torch for bevel cuts.
    • Management gantry axes
    • retrace mode
    • Graphical real time
    • Possibility of resumption of interrupted machining
    • Ability to pause and resume the current job
    • Acquisition and management of plate misalignment

    Automatic control of the working height for the plasma torch 

    The height control in arc voltage, allows to keep constant the distance of the torch from the sheet metal during the cutting, even in the case of undulating surfaces, ensuring maximum cut quality and longer consumable life.

    The management of the height control carried out directly from the control system, allows the cutting on inclined planes, thanks to the fast reactivity.

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    The W6 RAINBOW system are very powerful and modern CNC, consisting of an industrial PC equipped with industrial SIDAC hardware. The advanced technology, used for building the W6 RAINBOW series, satisfies also the most complex and sophisticated applications, in a simple manner. The main objective is always the reliability, which reaches very high levels with W 6 RAINBOW in order to  offer the best capability of working in heavy-duty industrial environments. Ergonomic requirements and the product’s look, have been considered during the design job as to SIDAC’s tradition. In this way, the user’s requirements and the image of a complete application have been taken into account in the right extent.
    The W 6 Rainbow systems support WINDOWS, which uses SIDAC libraries and its application software. Customized software can be made on specification by SIDAC or by the customer, utilizing for this purpose the powerful and advanced development tools normally used in all programming environments. The industrial hardware for the W6 RAINBOW systems, completely configurable according to the requirements, is perfectably compatible with the entire SIDAC CNC series. Therefore, all the tested resources are utilized and enhanced in a way to start with a solid and advanced platform for further continuous development towards the future. Interfacing at different levels (I/O, serial lines, networks) with external systems (CN, CNC, PC, PLC) can be carried out.

    The completed W 6 RAINBOW systems are formed but using an industrial PC coupled to one or more industrial modules. The large modular programming and the wide range of hardware available, permit to combine the system according to the application requirements, without any cover-cost due to excess of configuration.

    – WINDOWS Operating System
    – Specific SIDAC library for simplified the management of the industrial hardware (axes+PLC)
    – Dedicated software available (grinding, milling, handling, etc..); customized software on request
    – Interfaceability with CAD-CAM


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