MicroCompax MA100 is a stand-alone single-axis Positioner module, which is responsible for the control of hydraulic actuator with proportional valve, throught 4/20 mA loop. It is presented as a “blind” device, characterized by a plastic container to be fitted directly inside the electrical panel, on a DIN rail. Equipped with multi-colored indicator LEDs for easy diagnostics and putting into service, it can be  reconfigured on-site, using a USB port and a special software installed on Windows systems.
This mdule has two current loop inputs and two current loop outputs.
An input and an output are dedicated to driving the valve, and to reading the position feedback.
An input can be used as a setpoint input, to control the valve remotely.
An output is configured as a monitor of the valve position, to allow a remote viewing of the correct implementation of the setpoint commands.

  • NXP 56F800 CPU
  • 24V Power Supply, with isolated DC/DC converter for each corrent loop.
  • 2 analog 16 bit “current loop” 4/20 mA outputs
  • 2 analog 16 bit “current loop” 4/20 mA inputs
  • 8 single digital inputs with PNP logic – isolated – IEC61131-2
  • 8 digital outputs with PNPlogic – galvanically isolated – High-side, 0.6A per channel


  • Profile Control in space loop, with speed and acceleration control.
  • Status indication through multicolored LED.
  • Control and configuration Software –> DOWNLOAD HERE

Dettaglio Microcompax MA 100

3D Visualization