The W6 RAINBOW system are very powerful and modern CNC, consisting of an industrial PC equipped with industrial SIDAC hardware. The advanced technology, used for building the W6 RAINBOW series, satisfies also the most complex and sophisticated applications, in a simple manner. The main objective is always the reliability, which reaches very high levels with W 6 RAINBOW in order to  offer the best capability of working in heavy-duty industrial environments. Ergonomic requirements and the product’s look, have been considered during the design job as to SIDAC’s tradition. In this way, the user’s requirements and the image of a complete application have been taken into account in the right extent.
The W 6 Rainbow systems support WINDOWS, which uses SIDAC libraries and its application software. Customized software can be made on specification by SIDAC or by the customer, utilizing for this purpose the powerful and advanced development tools normally used in all programming environments. The industrial hardware for the W6 RAINBOW systems, completely configurable according to the requirements, is perfectably compatible with the entire SIDAC CNC series. Therefore, all the tested resources are utilized and enhanced in a way to start with a solid and advanced platform for further continuous development towards the future. Interfacing at different levels (I/O, serial lines, networks) with external systems (CN, CNC, PC, PLC) can be carried out.

The completed W 6 RAINBOW systems are formed but using an industrial PC coupled to one or more industrial modules. The large modular programming and the wide range of hardware available, permit to combine the system according to the application requirements, without any cover-cost due to excess of configuration.

– WINDOWS Operating System
– Specific SIDAC library for simplified the management of the industrial hardware (axes+PLC)
– Dedicated software available (grinding, milling, handling, etc..); customized software on request
– Interfaceability with CAD-CAM