SIDAC SYSTEM is a Modular Positioning System, which offers simplicity, potentiality, versatility and high performances in one solution. The hardware consists of the interface towards the operator (which is designed for being mounted on control panels of machines and manufacturing lines) and of the AXIS/PLC module (to be installed inside of electric switchboards). This solution facilitates the optimization in electric installations and wrings, thus offering technical and economical advantages.

The operator’s interface-further to the large graphic LCD display and the keyboard of high tactile sensitivity – it is also provided with a local PLC. This controller can be utilized for managing the signal functions and customized push-buttons which are typical for control panels on operating machines.

The AZIS/PLC module offers a wide range of circuits-boards and can be configured exactly according to the application required. In this matter it does both the functions of Multi-axis Positioner (offering the same features of precision and performance as the more advanced SIDAC CNCs) and the PLC functions (offering low sampling times) . The wide range of available software permits the utilization of application packages which are prepared and tested: they enclose the entire experience acquired by SIDAC over the years. Furthermore, customization or completely dedicated developments both from SIDAC and the customer can be used. In this case, SIDAC supplies libraries and tools for programming and also the necessary technical support.


The complete SIDAC SYSTEM is formed by using the SIDAC SYSTEM operator’s terminal coupled to an industrial AXES/PLC module. The large modularity and the wide range of hardware available permit to combine the system according to the application requirements, without any overcost due to excess of configuration.
Dimensioni System

System dimensions

Dimensioni modulo assi

Vista Connettori

View of Connectors


  • Editor with guided menu and submenus
  • Manual motion ( Continous, jog, preset)
  • Set up and trimming for all operation paramenters ( work-speed and acceleration, speed and accekeration of machine zero-point serch, backlash and offset compensation, etc..)
  • Differentiated password for access to the set-up menus
  • Entering of programs (blocks) via keyboard or RS 232 serial line


  • Wide range of application software st customer’s disposal (see “Applications”)
  • Dedicated software to customer’s requirements
  • Possibility of direct software development by the customer
  • Programming cycle in ISO and with learning


Due to its features of high versatility and potentiality, the SIDAC SYSTEM is fit of many applications, mainly for special machinery, in any field (robotics, assembling jobs, customized automation).
Examples of already realized applications: